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League Week 3 Write ups

Mustangs 3, LH 3

One of the first match ups of the day featured the Mustangs of Warde vs Lauralton Hall. Warde earned a few corners early on but were unable to capitalize even though LH was short a very critical player, the goal keeper. Eventually they made use of the of the empty net as Anna c, Jenny P and Abby K were all able to find the back of the net. Unwilling to give up, the game went back and forth with LH adding three tallies to the board themselves lead by Grace Murray with 2 goals and Faith Vuoso with one. Both teams focused on keeping possession and picking moments to attack but eventually the game ended in a stalemate at 3-3.

Norwalk 4, Crusaders 3

In the 10am game on the adjacent field, the other half of the Lauralton team, the Crusaders, took on the Norwalk Bears. The Crusaders must have hit the snooze button one too many times because they were unprepared when the whistle blew and Norwalk was quick to take advantage going up 3-0 in the first 7 minutes of the first half. The first goal was the result of a complete Crusader defensive breakdown however the 2 goals that followed were beautiful, textbook style goals. Norwalk executed goal carves with simple passes to the stroke and one time finishes that left the Crusaders in a deep hole. Not a team to give in so easily, the Crusaders finally woke up and started playing the style of hockey we have all come to know and love. The next 30minutes of play was much more evenly matched with displays of beautiful hockey. The Crusaders started carving a few goals of their own with a particularly pretty onetime scored by Lauren Risely but ultimately it was too little too late and Norwalk held on to gain a 4-3 win.

The 11am match ups featured two very similar games with very similar outcomes. Ludlow had the difficult task of squaring up against a very hungry Trumbull team and St Joe’s had an even taller order taking on the Norwalk Bears. This was the second game of the day for the Bears but with a deep bench and conditioned lungs they were ready to put a hurting on St Joe’s in an act of redemption for almost giving up a 3 goal lead in the game before. Trumbull who also boosts a very deep and seasoned crew came out hard against St Joe’s and never lightened up. Ludlow was able to put one goal on the board and St Joe’s had 4 but neither were close to the double digit scoring of Norwalk and Trumbull.

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