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League Week 6 recap

Ludlowe v. LH

At 10am Ludlowe and LH faced off against each other. The match up was even, back and forth up the field until 5 minutes into the half an LH player capitalized on an amazing pass to score the first goal. There were some great saves by the Ludlow goalie as shots kept coming yet another hard shot by LH increased their lead by 2.

At 12 min to go in the half Ludlowe came out of a corner strong and with a shot by was able to score their first goal.

LH ansered back only a couple minutes later with a goal of their own and with less than 10 min left to play they were up by 2 again. Ludlowe was not about to let that go though and brought the ball all the way back down the field for an immediate goal to make the score 3-2.

A determined Ludlowe came together late in the first half to make sure LH would not go into the second half ahead and with a goal by…..they tied the game 3-3. LH took the ball back though and with and immediate goal by KK was able to pull ahead yet again. Ludlowe, answering back with a goal of their own tied the game up yet again at 4-4.

LH Scored 2 goals before the first half ended to make the score 6-4 going into the second half.

Ludlowe took control of the field to start the second half with 2 quick corners. With both teams staying strong it was LH who was able to keep the lead and come out ahead. The score gave LH the win at 11-6.

Crusaders v. St. Joes

It was a battle from the get go with both teams scoring early in the first half. With the ball moving well up and down the field on both sides and with each team taking strong shots both teams again were able to score to make it 2-2. It wasn’t until 10 min left in the first half that the Crusaders were able to hammer in a goal to make it 3-2. It took only a couple minutes before St. Joe’s was able to bring the ball back down to the Crusaders net and tie up the game.

Crusaders quickly answered back though and pull ahead by two goals. Fighting not to let the Crusaders keep the lead going into the second half St. Joe’s ran down the field to score with less than 2 minutes. With the Crusaders up only by 1 goal they were able to bring the ball back down the field and and score to make the score 6-4 to end the first half.

Going into the second half St. Joe’s was a force to be reckoned with and was quickly able to score early. As the minutes wound down though it would be the Crusaders would ultimately take over the lead. This game would end with a 12-8 victory over St. Joe’s.

Norwalk v. Trumbull (3-3)

It was a fight from the get go in this 11am match up between 2 of the strongest teams in the FCIAC. Trumbull was the first to make it down the field and score. Norwalk’s first and second corner attempts couldn’t bring the score to a tie, but the momentum it brought was undeniable. With the score still 1-0 at the 10 minute mark. Norwalk fought hard to keep the ball on their side of the field. But it would be Trumbull again to score and make it 2-0.

Corner for Trumbull with less than 10 to play resulted in a hard shot attempt but no goal.

Norwalk was able to carry the ball back down the field and get themselves a corner but unfortunately was not able to finish.

With less than 3 minutes to go in the first half Norwalk scored their first goal of the game.

Score 2-1

With an amazing save by Hannah for Norwalk! Trumbull got it right back though and made the score 3-1.

It would be Norwalk that would get the first attempt at a goal but with an amazing save by the goalie resulted in a fast break by Trumbull up the field with an immediate goal to make the score 3-2. Another corner for Norwalk gave them the opportunity for a goal which they capitalized on beautifully to tie the score 3-3.

Both teams battled up and down the field for the rest of the second half, but neither teams were able to score again and the game was ultimately tied 3-3.

Warde v. LH

Early corner for LH resulted in no goal but it allowed a beautful play down the field for Warde. Both teams fought hard for the first goal of the game but after several attempts and some quick passes around the circle LH was able to score. The Warde goalie had some amazing saves at some pivitol points in the game the Warde defense could not compete with the hard shots by the LH offense. Warde wasn't about to let LH go without a fight and they were able to score their first goal after a beautful passing pattern down field. 50 minutes later with both teams exhausted and ready to get on with their Sunday rest it was LH who ultimately came out with the win.

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